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Get Pebble Pillows Living Stone Pillows To Make Your Home Absolutely Original.

The set is a great example of how to mix-and-match to create a luxury item that is the ultimate in relaxation and calmness.

They’re a great tool for pillow fights.

These felt rock pillows not only offer maximum comfort but also give your home an elegant sort of aesthetic look, turning the room with these artificial pebbles into a sort of inside-out scenery.

Have a fierce pillow fight with your family or friends or just rest and relax quietly on world’s softest piles of rocks — they are actually living stone pillows. These surrealistic pillows are best props for pillow fight and best toys for they look funny and amazing and also soft and comfortable. You can see everyone’s bright smile and hear his chipper no matter how old he is.

By bringing nature indoors, you can use these rock pillows as a source of decoration that can also be played with.

Because of their convenient size and shape, you can transform any dull area into a design-inspired one just by adding these six pillows of different sizes.

What’s more, these rock pillows are made of 100% polyester fabric. This is a bonus because polyester does not add weight to the floor pillows, but still makes sure your pillows are as cozy as possible. Besides this cushiony sensation, polyester is extremely helpful since it’s an anti-pill material that’s a breeze to wash.

Everything you know is a lie – these rocks are actually comfy throw pillows. They add a perfect earthy style to a log cabin or home and are especially great for an intense pillow fight. As a perfect combination of rock shape and pillow use, these stone pillows can be used not only as distinctive decor “stones” on floor or furniture but also interesting hug or throw pillows for fun. You can use them wherever you want to expect a feel of nature or to fulfill any play area knowing safety is surely guaranteed. Here are some places that our customers have already placed them: living room, bedroom, playroom, office leisure area, kindergarten, primary school, hotel, child play area of shopping mall, interior design company, nature museum…and where would you like to put them on?

How Could Pillows Inspired By Rocks Be The Most Comfortable You’ve Ever Had?

Your guests and neighbors will be shocked time and time again when they see this set of Rock Pillow Cushions. Though they are stunningly realistic, these pillows only look like stones, and once you have the chance to sit down among them, you too will be blown away by how comfortable they are.

These Rock Cushions Pebble Pillows make a great addition to living rooms, family rooms, basements, and dens, an adaptable set that is good for group parties, family movie nights, and kids’ sleepovers.

With their dark grey color and round shape, this set of six fits in with your home’s existing designs and furniture, adding fun and comfort without sacrificing anything. You really do have to see them to believe them.

All-Natural Design – Bring nature-inspired style to your living room with this set of Rock Pillow Cushions in dark grey to create a calm space to relax after the day.

Their Most Fun Room Yet – Kids will love having the chance to play with and arrange their livingstones pebble cushions however they like. With six pillows, this set will make this version of their bedroom the most fun yet.

Perks Up Any Photoshoot – Seeking a way to set your next photoshoot apart? Add an element of intrigue with these realistic stone pillows, a way to capture a natural element without the hassle of dealing with the size and weight of the real thing.

Stone Pillow Cushion Plush Decor

Make your home as comfortable as it can be. By doing so, you and the people that live there will enjoy their time more. Especially if you have a family, comfortable home will make the house will make them love spending more time at home. So, one way that you can make your home more comfortable is by adding pillows. Now, who does not want pillows? They are soft and comfortable and perfect for cuddling. More so, when you want to take a rest then you will probably want a pillow with you. So what about you make your pillows more fun at home. Instead of regular pillows, use this stone pillow to make it more fun. The design is actually very clever and ironic since stones are hard and pillows are soft. Not only that, but your children will love this pillow. Get some for your home now.

It has a realistic design which makes the stone design more convincing and fun.

Fun Design

It’s not every day that you can see pillows that look like rocks. But you can now if you order some of these fun pillows. What makes this pillow so epic is its realistic design. At first glance, you will really think that it is a stone. Not until you touch it and feel how soft these living stone pillows are. Consequently, the pillow’s fun design makes it a great home decoration as well. Get some of these and playfully display some at home. This will definitely humor your guests. They will think these pillows are hard as a rock when first see them. Also, you can get one in different sizes. The pillow can be perfect for the living space and your room.

Make your home more fun and comfortable at the same time by having this stone pillows.

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Zipper Closure

You can keep the pillow clean easily since you can remove the cover. It has a zipper closure that allows you to remove the cover and wash them when they get dirty.

The pillow is very soft and fluffy and it has a zipper closure as well to remove the cover and wash it.

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rock pillow 9013 stone pillow 04 pebble pillows

Great Pillows

Great Pillows and Great Customer Service Beautiful set of pillows: I use them as a modular modern sitting/meditative area in an Asian inspired corner of my home. The cushions are comfortable, well filled and offer good support for sitting/sprawling.

rock pillow 9012 stone pillow 02 pebble pillows

These are fantastic!

These are fantastic! The large rock is bigger than I expected but still perfect. They are fairly firm but very soft on the outside. I'm using for a cave we are making in my son's walk-in closet. He loves them.

rock pillow 9012 stone pillow 03 pebble pillows

High quality!

High quality! Funny shapes. The largest pillow is more oblong than I expected and looks a little funny. But I love the guys and overall these are MUCH higher quality than I anticipated. Nice weight to them too.

rock pillow 9014 stone pillow 08 pebble pillows

Very Sturdy

Firm and good quality These are very sturdy. My concern was that they would be too squishy as we are using them as chairs around a coffee table for at home learning. They appear to be good quality too and well they do look like big rocks so that's cool.

pebble pillow rock pillow 9002 stone pillow 05 pebble pillows

Enjoying these pillows

I'm going g to be enjoying these pillows for a long time I was hesitant to order because of the reviews but I wanted to take a chance because I wanted this type of rock print. It came in fast. Im very pleased. I am very happy I ordered it.

pebble pillow rock pillow 9003 stone pillow 13 pebble pillows

love these pillow

I originally purchased the rock pillows for the middle corner of my L-shaped sectional, but the sizes of each pillow range from holy cow huge to kinda small and it just didn't work. However, I love these pillow so I stacked them in an area of my living room where it looks like a Feng shui rock sculpture and anyone can grab one to lay around with.


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